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ESO Leveling TipsWe've come up with some ESO Leveling Tips, which could help you speed up your overall time to get to level 50 in Elder Scrolls Online. It might come as a shock to you, but the fastest recorded leveling time, 1-50 is now 32 hours. Thats about 4 days at 8 hours a day. Of course we all know that it's more likely that the person who hit this record (he beat the previous record of 56 hours btw), most likely did this over 2 days.


ESO Leveling Tips

General ESO Leveling Tips:

  • Buy items with Training or Exploration on them from Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Market Districts, or Guild Traders. You should then research Training and Exploration on all your gear pieces so you can keep crafting new items as you level.
  • Buy Neck and Rings from the Mages Guild.
  • Don’t repair your broken items just craft new gear as you level, this will save you a ton of gold because repairing costs much more than crafting new gear.
  • Reading book shelves will level your skills up very quickly. Go to Mages Guild in every new town you come to, and read all the shelves.
  • Your weapon is approximately as important as all your armor put together. Also, it doesn’t take damage. If you invest in any gear, invest in your weapon first, jewelry second, and armor last.


ESO Leveling Tips - Factors which make Questing Slow:

  • Most quests waste a lot of time and give little XP reward
  • Some quests take a lot of time to figure out where to go or what to do
  • Questing wastes a lot of time on traveling


ESO Leveling Tips - Efficiently Grind XP For Speed Leveling

  • You can gain more XP while grinding as a duo, rather than alone. If your computer can handle it, consider dual-boxing. We have a few hosted here, but KeyClone is probably the easiest to setup.
  • AoE is required to get the most out of grinding.
  • The amount of XP you get is based on the mob’s level. The most XP will be gained from mobs above your level.
  • You only gain full XP from mobs that are above or below you by 5 levels.


ESO Leveling Tips - Be more effective:

  • Try to create your own optimized questing path. Do this by gathering all the quests in an area, and then do as many as possible, within a short distance of each other. 
  • Pick up multiple quests and complete all quests in each area at the same time, this will save tons of time on traveling.


Grinding Vs. Questing Which Is Faster For Leveling?

Zygor Leveling GuideFor the most part grinding XP is faster than questing. Questing can be much FASTER if done efficiently. To Quest efficiently, take all the quests in a given area, and do grouped quests first.

If a quest grants more XP, but it's out of the area, complete the others first, and then consider doing a few quests outside your hunting area. For the most part, avoid completing quests which are too difficult or too far away.



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