ESO Lockpicking Guide and Simulator

While playing Elder Scrolls Online, you will need this ESO Lockpicking Guide as ESO Lockpicking Guideyou find locked treasure chests which can yield awesome loot. However, to unlock these chests you’ll need at least one lockpick – lockpicks can be bought from specialty vendors or found in boxes, chests, drawers, or wardrobes. At first, lockpicking will be fairly difficult, till you get used to it. Once you practice a little bit, it will become much easier - especially when your skills go up.

With a little practice, you might not need the ESO Lockpicking Guide, however the TESO Lockpicking Simulator at the bottom of the page, will help you to improve your skills. 

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ESO Lockpicking Guide

To unlock a treasure chest you must first unlock each of its 5 pins in a given time period. As the lock level (lock difficutly) gets higher, the available timer decreases and the pins break easier.

  • Position your lockpick over a pin. You don’t have the do it in a given order, you can start and continue with any random pin.
  • Press and hold your left mouse button to push the pin until it starts trembling.
  • Release the mouse immediately and the pin will get locked down.
  • Do this with every pin and the chest will open.
  • If you release too early, all the pins will reset. If you release too late, the lockpick will break.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this ESO Lockpicking Guide, you are given a limited time to complete the unlocking process. Simple lock level chests give you a 25 seconds time frame while the more difficult ones decrease the timer. Also, it’s worth to mention that even if you fail a chest, you can retry it again if you have another lockpick - however there are often others camping the same chest, should the treasure chest be in an open area.

We found a lockpick simulator so you can test and improve your skills. Enjoy!  (thanks to twincannon)

 Note: If this lockpick simulator is too easy, press +, to increase difficulty.

Tip: DO practice with this simulator, and increase the difficulty as you master a level. I was able to greatly improve my own skills by testing a few theories (as shown below...)

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Advanced Tips:

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