ESO Master Chef Tips

ESO Master Chef TipsHere are 10 ESO Master Chef Tips in Elder Scrolls Online. Why? Because if you don't want to spend your time following a guide, it's possible to level your cooking skills to max, without a guide and a bit of luck.

Just follow these ESO Master Chef Tips, and soon you will be on your way to the Le Cordon Bleu of ESO. There will also be untold riches and more importantly more friends then you could hope to achieve without baking them a cake every other day.

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ESO Master Chef Tips

  1. The first and most important of of our ESO Master Chef Tips, is to collect as many ingredients as you can. Search sacks, crates, baskets, barrels, all of it even the stuff you find on the starter leveling areas! All provisioning items can stack to 200. That's a lot!

  2. Use every recipe you come across! This is super important because your provisioning items will be worthless if you have no recipes to make food or drink! 

  3. Buy backpack space! You will need a lot of back pack space if you want to be able to carry all your provisioning ingredients! I recommend going to the horse stable every time you log in, every day, and buy carry capacity (adds 1 extra space to your back pack every time you train in capacity) and also your mount gets cool saddle bags after awhile. Fashion, I tell ya!

  4. Look at your recipe levels! The higher level recipe, the more experience you get when you craft that said recipe! Example: a level 40 recipe will give you more experience than a level 15 recipe. Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing.

  5. Use skill points for recipe improvement and be able to craft higher level recipes along with blue and purples! (Note: You will be using a lot of blue recipes so make sure you learn them!) Also put points into either craft more food per cook or more drink per cook. When maxed you can make 4 of that recipe with one cook! Now you're cooking!

  6. USE SKILL POINTS FOR THAT DARNED HIRELING! When maxed out hirelings will send you stacks of 20 ingredients and even frost Mirram and bervez juice for those purple recipes! And plus the hirelings send you funny messages in your inbox with your new ingredients! READ 'EM ALL!

  7. Manage your ingredients! When you find yourself with some really good recipes (which you will eventually, don't give up!) Grab a note book and write down the ingredients you will need to make those cool recipes! Otherwise your whole inventory is going to be covered in a provisioning nightmare! And you won't be able to carry other cool things!! 🙁 I recommend joining a trading guild and selling your stacks of unused ingredients in the guild store! A lot of people are lazy and will just buy them! Be reasonable about your prices though! Don't sell 40 potatoes for 50k! Get that crap outta here son!

  8. Now that you have all your skill points in provisioning, it's time to cook for others! Join a guild, cook a stack of 50 blues for variety of levels, then sell that shit and make some money! Also don't forget to donate food to your guild mates because they are your other family - who may help you level by donating ingredients or recipes!

  9. Safe Trading Market for ESO - Gold, Accounts, WeaponsWhen you craft your blues, be sure to make different recipes. Example: craft 50 blues for max health and stamina, then cook 50 blue max health and magic.

  10. Become addicted to cooking. The more you do it, the more you get out of it. Just don't let me catch you cooking meth...liglin

Congratulations! You did it! You are one bad son of a potato and have graduated to become an ESO Master Chef! Now get your rear out there and start cooking like the ESO Master Chef I know you can be.

Do you have any more ESO Master Chef Tips? If so, share them in the comments below!

ESO Master Chef Tips written by ametalspoon, edited for language and formatting.

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