ESO: Preparing for the Gold Rush Sugestions and Tips

My horse has new shoes, my bags are packed, my provisions are in place, my wagon is loaded. I am headed to the land of Tamriel. It's not a new land, but it is going to be in an MMO style of game for the first time. Yes. I am speaking about Elder Scrolls Online.


Nothing made my panties get more wet with anticipation then the announcement of a new Elder Scrolls game. It appears this time, some asshole, has stolen our souls. We have to fight him to get them back. If we win, we get our souls. If we lose... Well they will probably nerf the content to be less hard.



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I am preparing for the gold game, within the actual game. I am preparing to move swiftly into the player market, and dominating the gold cap. Why? because let's face it, Ashleign, doesn't care about gameplay. All Ashleign cares about is money. That's right you lazy bastards. I do not yet have any expectations on how fast, or how slow this will go for me. Although. I have already worked out a system for gold making in ESO. I call it the "grab everything and run like hell technique."

Like a kid on one of those 90's shopping spree shows, I am going to grab my old trusty wagon, load it up with as many fruits, vegetables, ore, and beer as I can, and sell as much as possible.


It's a new little financial invention I came up with after quitting WoW for the millionth time. Our nestegg, ur in this case.. let's call it our wallet. We are going to fill this wallet, with as much grey gold as possible. (Grey Gold ™, is vendor trash sold) Then we are going to invest this "Grey Gold ™" in several items throughout the game. For Instance, ore, herbs, food, then we are going to sell a marked up product in different areas throughout Tamriel.


So far professions look a little tight. We of course have black smithing, mining, provisioning, alchemy, and so on. But then we have the Role Play Profession. As I plan to play on a Role Playing server. I shall venture upon this land with a "character" in mind. I have went through many possibilities of different characters to play.

Role Playing sells. If you convince people that you are an NPC even though you are simply selling them your RP character, people will buy your goods, just to join in on the fun. You can play the village idiot, selling bits of tomatoes and potatoes, or fish. You can play the Drunkard who brandishes a bottle of gin. Or play the boring old warrior like everyone else.

TIP: Use Roleplaying, when you venture off into the land of Tamriel. Role Play a Gold Goblin for Success.


I have decided on a few ideas for my characters.

  • Feminine Male - Typically I play this character on lots of different games. He generally has a few hisses in his S's if you know what I mean. He really likes the pole.
  • Not so braniac cute girl - Well there is a no brainer, gotta have her in there. She has a very sweet voice, usually gets what ever the hell she wants because she is a GIRL!
  • The a$$hole - A rotten son of a bitch, he steals, he drinks, he beats women. He has been known to play the violin though..
  • Famous W-w-w-arrior - He's a valiant warrior, he is world reknowned, and has lots of money. But.. He has a bad stuttering problem.

Help us out here, let us know in the comments...

What are you going to name your Elder Scrolls Online Toon?

What are your character's personalities?

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