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ESO PVP GuideThe new ESO PVP Guide for Elder Scrolls online. We cover Siege Weapons, Skill Lines, Spell Rotations, Alliance Points, Advanced PVP Builds, PVP Skills, and more.

This ESO PVP Guide was originally written and released about 1 year ago, and then when the game was released on XBoxOne and PS4, the guide was updated. This happened another few months ago. When this happened, a strange thing happened. People started coming here, requesting the ESO guides again, realizing they could save $70, just getting them here... but lo and behold, all the links were removed. Have no fear, we are reposting the updated guides, for all our VIP members to more secure locations, which shouldn't disappear with lack of downloads.

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We recently posted some other guides, which you can also check out, the ESO Crafting Guide, the ESO Leveling Guide, an ESO Gold Guide, and a couple other leveling guides which were in addon form (Beastly/Zygor). But today, you get the ESO PVP Guide. What makes this guide so special?

ESO PVP Guide - PVP Skills: Learn each of the skills you will need. Understand the basics of every skill for every class, and how you will be able to use each of your skills to your own advantage, while exploiting the weaknesses of your enemies. Any good PVPer needs a solid foundation to understand their skills and this ESO PVP Guide will give it to you. You should know the main tactics and know when to change them, you will learn how. Do you know which pieces of equipment are best for your character in PVP, thats one of the foundations.

ESO PVP Guide - Advanced PVP Builds: It doesn't matter which class you play, it could be a dragon knight, nightblade, sorcerer, or templar - without a PVP specific build, you might as well declare yourself as a bystander. You need to know which builds are the most effective which which PVP skills. We have done all the work for you with this ESO PVP Guide, so that you don't need to use guesswork to determine which build works best with your pvp character.

ESO PVP Guide - Alliance Points: PVP is built around 3 varying alliances who combat for control of the region. This can mean huge battles with hundreds of players, and you need to know how to maximize your alliance points to best help your faction, including through the use of purchasing weapons, armor, and siege weapons. The more alliance points you receive, the greater your chance of becoming emperor, and this ensuring your faction wins the battles. This ESO PVP Guide, teaches you how to gain the most alliance points, and which areas to concentrate on.

ESO PVP Guide - Siege weapons: Once you've purchased your siege weapons, you need to know how to use them effectively. These siege weapons can be used for  breaking down doors, knocking down walls, destroying other siege weapons and even used defensively. Siege weapons can be purchased once you have enough alliance points, but they can also be captured and destroyed. Knowing when to use the siege weapons and how can change the course of a PvP battle. Learn the basics and superior tactics of these trebuchets, ballistae, catapults, etc. Used properly, they can wreck havoc on your enemy and their faction.

ESO PVP Guide - Skill Lines: There’s one aspect left that’s unique to the Alliance War: Skill Lines. In addition to the passive abilities that you gain by becoming emperor, which is actually the third skill line, there are two other skill lines you need to master: Assault and Support. Whether you favor to Assault or prefer Support rolls, knowledge of the contents of these skill lines is a prerequisite for victory. You get descriptions, detailed analysis, and tips for using the different skill lines to help bring victory to your faction.

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