ESO Skyshard List

ESO Skyshard Map

This ESO Skyshard List ESO Skyshard Mapwill share each of the Skyshards available for each of the zones. What is a Skyshard? An ESO Skyshard, is a way that you can earn skill points for your character, for your character progression. Think of them as rewards for finding puzzles, exploration, or for finding hidden rewards. Each ESO Skyshard must be collected for you to be able to use all the skills in a given skill tree.

Keep in mind that it takes finding 3 ESO Skyshards, to get a complete skill point. Once you get one, you can invest it in any way that you choose. ESO Skyshards can be found in every zone, waiting for you to find and collect them. Some of the ESO Skyshards are easy to find, while others may be hidden from view, or even found in dungeons.

Below, you will find a list of all the ESO Skyshards, but it might not seem apparent on where there are. For that, there are a couple solutions. One is an external map, and the other is markers on your in-game map (scroll to bottom of this guide to get the addons). Whichever you choose, will be your option, or you might choose to use both options.

Zygor ESO Leveling Guide with in-game waypoint system

ESO Skyshard List

Alik’r Desert Skyshards

Auridon Skyshards

Bal Foyen Skyshards

• Sentinal of a domed tower

• Shedding shame in the oasis

• Across the ruin from the Warrior

• Stored on a Bergama roof

• Walltop view of the broken Blade

• Beside a drydocked stern

• Left out in the open by Kozanset Mages

• Near a paid feather-finder

• Tears shed for a toppled spire

• Second stop on her search for the Pearl

• Buried respite from desert heat

• Dig deep. don’t be embarrassed

• Blown down a mine shaft

• A Caravan’s wreckage marks the path

• Trapped within the steam closet

• Monumenental find in the Lost City

• A landing of noble’s blood

• Adorns Valano’s terrace

• Offered to appease riled ancestors

• Watching the sky in a tower of swords

• Between cursed ruin and shrine

• Near Merormo’s refreshment

• Contemplation’s Overlook

• Up and west in the broken dawn

• Gleaming beacon, ship-guide

• Ancient chamber of golden glow

• The Heritance stakes this claim

• Near the folly’s end

• Held in a corner by the House of Troubles

• Blood-drained thralls stumble past

• Corpses from another age walk here

• Hidden home in the gully’s wall

• Hidden near the highest hut

• In the fort, just around the way

• About to set sail

Betnikh Skyshards

• In the dig site

• Where wolves prowl eastern ruins

• Outside a house for the dead

Bleakrock Isle Skyshards

• High atop the shrouded Barrow

• A Hollow victory beyond the iceflows

• To dig too deep would be no Folly

Aldmeri Skyshards

Daggerfall Skyshards

Ebonheart Skyshards

• Within sight of Mnem

• Ascending toward prophecy and dawn

• Helping establish a new town

• Tooth of Jone or Jode

• Ruined spire peering north to the Tower

• Hears hacking to the east

• Upon timbered fingers

• Ruin’s crown between three castles

• Where archers of the Eight train

• Six-legged assassins crawl the cave

• The Black Dagger’s prize

• Singing straw’s song

• Walk the Shadowed Path

• At the end of a bumpy road

• Where bear and ogre burrow

• Approach the southern scroll

• Overlooking Ni-Mohk’s falls

• Near liquid fire flowing

• Decorating a Nord’s manor grounds

• Offering at the priory

• Atop a crumbling Empire

• Home of the goat-faced altar

• Search near the cliffs

• Where a ruin-seeking Khajiit is denied

• Bandits’ crowning achievement

• Amid reverberations of clattering bones

• Vampires prowl where Elves once lived

• In a cave of crimson treasures

• Surrounded by frozen fungus

• Under shroud and ground

• Near the scroll of royalty’s secret syllable

• Rope ladder hangs south of Ghartok

• Keeping the crops alive

• Cradled in a ruined temple hall

• The Arvinas’ pride

• Blue Road’s trees fall just down the hill

• Where bound spirits hold vigil

• Soft wings spin choral garb

• Wedged well in Sedor

• Fractured by the Bloody Hand

• The monarch’s buried secret

• Enjoy a good roll in the muck

• Nurtured by amphibious host

• Rushing water in the depths

• Facing the Faceless

Coldharbour Skyshards

Deshaan Skyshards

Eastmarch Skyshards

• East of the bastion of deceit

• Discarded from the mages’ walls

• Seek a shattered bridge suspended

• Unfit for court

• Ejected from the Village

• Among the vessel’s burnt cousins

• In the Chasm’s western watchtower

• Not invited into the plotting wives’s home

• Washed to strange shores with the fleet

• Among the bones of Aba-Loria

• Enduring Forgefire’s flames

• Seek the deepest depravity

• Entombed in the Orchard

• One of the hunters’ many pride

• Where endless cries issue forth

• Behind disaster-claimed Dunmer hall

• Free from quarantine

• A Hlaalu victory in Narsis

• A river view on Muth Gnarr’s outskirts

• A twin falls in Mournhold

• Near the remnants of the House caravan

• Follow the river that snakes south to it’s source

• Search near the cavern with three eyes

• The right tower is Tal’Deic’s left

• Where ships dock and mushrooms Mire

• Where the dead walk, no memories linger

• Lend me your ear

• Where a lady seeks kwama before the storm

• Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens

• Mine your step where the water drops in

• Go from Crags to riches

• Where corpses till a garden of sand

• Nestled beside Morvunskar’s royal tomb

• Giants despoil the village below

• Leave the hollow to cure the chill

• Strewn between tusks near the barrow

• Beside a bridge to Amol

• Lost in ruins beyond the grotto

• Mzulft’s secrets are not all underground

• Attempting to spy on Aelif

• Stashed near a farm in icy winds

• An illegitimate child’s reading material

• Search the slipperiest places in the hollow

• Three eyes gleam, a frigid prize

• Crashed from the sky to open the vault

• Old Sord excelled at hide-and-seek

• Among the dead, sheltered from storms

• Near a throne in the Hall of the Dead

Glenumbra Skyshards

Grahtwood Skyshards

Greenshade Skyshards

• Guarding Daggerfall’s eastern gates

• Before Dresan’s headless sentinel

• Search amongst the shrieks

• Westtry’s dead slept underneath

• Far behind the Elf-haters’ lines

• Beneath a Hag’s footbridge

• Where vines strangle the sleeping dead

• Close to finding the kings

• A climb above Crosswych

• A tower explored is Ilessen learned

• Near Silumm’s well on Daggerfall shores

• Within a mine of blood and thorns

• Behind a wall to Enduum all

• Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves

• In the bowels of Cryptwatch

• In the roots of the Hallows

• Granted safe haven by the mages

• The shrine of the south leads north

• Cooling of on the way to the Tower

• Where the road to the root is an isle

• Atop falls that feed the temple

• Spotted from a treehouse vantage

• A doorway to trolls near Redfur

• Among ancient words in the stones

• Above a seasonal site of return

• Where Covenant forces pour forth

• A Scrabbling, a skittering, a scurrying

• Six-legged thunder invades

• Not yet dead on the vine

• Stonel starlight in wormy depths

• Mined by the bandits of Mobar

• Crocs claimed a meal in the sunder

• Flee the labyrinth of words and stone

• In crumbled keep where shadow creeps

• Breath of fresh air for Marbruk’s mages

• Find an eclectic outskirt by the sea

• Where moor becomes moat

• Stay dry where the Wooded Eye wards

• No longer entrenched

• Unheeded by Wood Orc lookouts

• Down in the gorge of rope bridges

• In Gurzag’s supplies

• Halls ruined further by blue-skin brutes

• A pretender in Naril Nagaia

• Under root, but hidden high

• Batted around in the purring lair

• Mined up in a barrow

• Outside the Harbinger’s chamber

Khenarthi’s Roost Skyshards

Malabal Tor Skyshards

Reaper’s March Skyshards

• Exposed to sky, surveying the strand

• Southern temple’s hidden jewel

• Along an inlet through the moon

• Abandoned before mourning

• Sighted by serpents in Mistral

• Surly root-chewers burrow nearby

• On an orbit of the stone sphere’s home

• The best view of Fuller’s Break

• Unnoticed by a melancholy Elf

• Near the river, disentangled

• Seek seaward cliffs by the brewery town

• Fell from a bridge fleeing Abamath

• Search every nook to lift the Vale

• Eyed from a islet in the river

• Follow the sound of the wilding waves

• Withered within the vine

• Dropped off when he still lived

• Property of the parasites

• Fungus dwellers dig, far from home

• Part of Arrai’s spectral dominion

• Haunted by heretics

• Held by red-handed bandits

• East from the solemn eye’s shrine

• Where temple became tree-house

• In a smoldering shell

• Overlooking the site of the fall

• Camped on the way to Claw’s Strike

• Hidden by a less subtle blade

• Dune’s arcane beacon

• Mara’s devout frets in view

• Within earshot of the cheering crowd

• Growling, beastly gladiators prowl

• Treasure of the bard’s tomb

• Awash in tears underground

• Outlaws strike skooma deals here

• The folly is in passing through quickly

• Moon’s light reveals its secret

• Far beneath a foul manor

Rivenspire Skyshards

Shadowfen Skyshards

Stonefalls Skyshards

• Just outside Shornhelm’s gate

• Honoring the dead in Eyebright’s west

• Crumbled tower, Crestshade’s welcome

• Wolves howl at the Hoarfrost nearby

• Cresting the wood of words

• High in the debris of the hills

• Skittered over in the pass

• Follow the song to the Landing

• In the tunnels under Crestshade

• Seek worms who burrow for a tear

• Among Flyleaf’s unearthed dead

• Secret in the blood-suckers’ hideaway

• Look upon the Orsimer’s hand

• Conquer the crypt of trails

• Stolen by worshipers of Ashpit’s Lord

• Above the Mages’ aye between the falls

• Still shrouded by spray past a western rise

• Sneak behind the relic-thieves’ camp

• Beside a bowsprit among pirates

• Ritual flames brew trouble in the mire

• Where wisps waylay wanderers

• Like the sound of steam or snakes

• Overlooking the murk of Xal Ithix

• Imprisoned in a crumbling tower

• Peek behind pillars in Atanaz

• Skittering, slithering, a tusk once whole

• Unearthed by an outlaw excavation

• Crown in hand, leave and look right

• Climb, little kwama, to reach your goal

• Digesting in the belly of the Black Maw

• Deep in the den of debauchery

• Watching lions swim to shore

• Near Bal Foyen’s gate

• Staging an attack on Arand

• A lady on a cliff, beyond Sulfur Pools

• Among mushrooms, high above Lukiul Uxith

• Among pools of fire, above Vivec’s Wayshrine

• South on Ashen Road, where lava flows

• Tucked away, on a grotto’s mantel

• On a hillside behind a plantation

• Left to rust beside ancient arms

• Used to strike flames underground

• Listening to the Spinner’s whispers

• Found in soft dirt by daggers

• Where a fiery tide rises

• Discovering a taste for madness

• Drowned in the south by a clever bird

Stormhaven Skyshards

Stros M’Kai Skyshards

The Rift Skyshards

• On Koeglin’s crown

• Atop the stairs of Newgate

• Beside the henge of Nightmare Crag

• The foot of Wind Keep’s falls

• Before a breach in Aphren’s wall

• Atop the soulless tower

• In the monster’s pantry

• Where the giant’s tears fall

• Camped in sight of the eastern gate

• Delve deep with the bear’s claw

• Locked behind Farangel’s iron bars

• Mine your manners outside Steelheart

• Explore the ruins north of Wind’s Keep

• Comb the abbey’s catacombs

• West of Firebrand, deep beneath the tower

• Explore the ruins of broken marrow

• Across the water from the western wall

• The mouth of The Grave stands open

• Crashed through a Saintsport roof

• Braced against wind near the mine

• Be Shor to search all over the stone

• Nearly discovered by a mauled stablehand

• Cultist’ prize near Ragged Hills

• Scour the crags of Avancheznel

• South where worms swarm the barrow

• A prospect found

• Walk above the clouds

• Stay alert between Riften and Greenwall

• Clank of gears and hiss of stream

• Guarded by bears in the hollow

• Deep in the roots of the tooth

• Where green grows in the fort’s wall

• Take a shrouded approach

• Tread carefully; don’t break a leg

• Protected by wraiths in a beast’s den

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So if you've decided, you would rather have the ESO Skyshard locations within your game, then you will need to install 2 different addons. It should be noted, that one will also use your data, to keep ZAM's database upto date. You will need to have them both installed, if you want to get the ESOSkyshard locations on your map however.

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