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The ESO Sorcerer Guide is a downloadable PDF file for easy reference on most devices. With over 50 pages of detailed information, the ESO Sorcerer Guide will help new players to become much better players and elder players to dominate the landscape. It's a feature packed guide which included ways for you to increase your gold on your sorcerer as well as advanced builds and rotations, to ensure that you don't create a gimped character for leveling, PVE, and PVP. Check below, to see all of the features of this ESO Sorcerer Guide.

ESO Sorcerer Guide

The ESO Sorcerer Guide has many features, lets list them below:

  • Simple Powerleveling: Your Sorcerer can reach the level cap within 4 days, with this detailed guide on how to make it a reality.
  • Pull off astounding Sorcerer spell rotations for lethal burst damage or cooperative utility.
  • Personalized picked equipment setups for both PvE and PvP, with a walkthrough on how to acquire each piece of gear.
  • Master your class for the endgame, while soloing but also in grouped combat as well.
  • Begin your new sorcerer with a navigation guide to character creation with some unforseen options on picking the right race.
  • Wealth awaits: Sorcerer-specific gold-devising know-how which will net you great treasures.
  • Upgrade to god-like status with over powered Sorcerer builds letting you extinguish the life force of PvE bosses and quash PvP rivals.
  • Bring your PVP alliance to the head with these striking Sorcerer maneuvers – follow through with class counters and dueling pointers.
  • Mastere ESO in all its available versions: PC, PlayStation or Xbox - this ESO Sorcerer Guide, was written for them all in mind.


Download ESO Sorcerer Guide

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