Free Steam ESO Accounts

If you purchased your ESO account prior to November 2016, I have good news - Free Steam ESO Accounts! It doesn't matter if you bought the account and used the key in Steam or if you bought it directly from Steam and loaded/played. According to recent news, and changes, you now have a second ESO account - even if you were banned!

Free Steam ESO Accounts

sdsdEven if you sold the keys, or even the accounts, you get Free Steam ESO accounts. Read this for more information. But the breakdown is that STEAM no longer has a CD-key for ESO, and you can link your steam account with banned/sold ESO to new ESO accounts!

The key to this, is that you must have bought The Elder Scrolls Online version of the game, prior to November 2016. If you have, you get a second ESO account now, absolutely free.

Thanks to QuadroTony for bringing this to our attention!

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