Major Evasion Hist Bark Armor Cheat – ESO

Major Evasion Hist Bark Armor CheatIf you're playing ESO then using this Major Evasion Hist Bark Armor Cheat without wearing the armor could be a very powerful trick for you - especially when combining with other bonuses. While wearing Hist Armor's 5 piece set, you will gain this ability: Gain Major Evasion while blocking, increasing Dodge chance by 20%. But since you're going to be using this cheat, you're going to be able to get the Major Evasion bonus, without actually wearing it. 

It should be noted, that you do need the full set of Hist Bark Armor, and that it's fixed on the Private Test Server. So this means on the next patch - likely sometime in February 2017, that it will no longer work.

Major Evasion Hist Bark Armor Cheat

So in order to use the Major Evasion Hist Bark Armor Cheat, you do need to get the full set. Which means you need to be max level and also fully farm the set. Do so prior to the next patch, asap.

Where do you get Hist Bark Armor?

Once you have the full set, you need to acquire

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