MMOViper Elder Scrolls Online Bot Teaser Trailer

From what I have been able to gather, as far as bots go, there are only a couple currently being worked on. The MMOViper Elder Scrolls Online Bot MMOViper Elder Scrolls Online Botcurrently seems to be only 1 of 2 bots currently being worked on. The reason I prefer MMOViper's bots over all the competition, is that they keep on supporting their bot, even after a game isn't as popular as it once was. For example, MMOMinion used to support Rift, but when GW2 was coming out, they dropped the Rift support and after releasing their GW2, went on to make one for FFXIV. Ask them to support more games, and they look at you a bit funny. On the other hand, MMOViper is now supporting 13 different games. Sure they aren't as fancy as the competition, but for one low yearly subscription, you get 13 games supported.

Check out the MMOViper Elder Scrolls Online Bot Teaser Trailer below

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