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Provisioning Writs can get quite complicated in the higher levels as the writ you receive depends upon your provisioning level, whether you can access Coldharbour,  whether you have finished the Coldharbour quest line, and whether you can access Belkarth, Craglorn.

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Provisioning Writs

Provisioning Writs are a bit like crafting quests. You get a writ, craft the items, and then turn them in for rewards, which are usually xp or gold, these should also level up your crafting skills. Each of these "quests" can be completed daily.

In order to get any of these provisioning writs, you will need to first be certified within each discipline that you want to get writs for.  I have level 32 blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking on all my characters for the hirelings.  This is enough to bypass the introduction quest and get certified.  But if you’re not, it’ll take you to an introduction crafting quest.

  1. In any major town, you’ll see a new board with posted crafting quest.  The first step is to simply grab these.
  2. Next you’ll need to head to your starter area, for Aldmeri Dominion that’s Auridon.
  3. Here’s where your first choice happens.  One of the NPCs is in the Mages guild who certifies for Alchemy, Provisioning, and Enchanting.  While the Fighters guild NPC does Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking.  
  4. eso 2014-11-03 14-30-47-32Once you’ve chosen, it’ll unlock options to get crafting certifications for all one or all three of the chosen professions.  If you’re high enough level in that crafting profession you’ll have the option to just skip the quest and get the reward. If not you will have to complete the introductory quest.
  5. This quest will have you complete a set of basic crafting skills in order to unlock phase two. For example - blacksmithing
    1. Harvest ore (places marker on the map)
    2. Smelt ore for ingots
    3. Create a dagger
    4. Deconstruct the dagger
    5. Turn in complete quest - goto phase 2.

Phase 2 is actually completing writs, or in our case provisioning writs.

As there are 6 levels of Provisioning Writs, there are different areas you can turn them in, depending on the level of the writs. Please refer to the following chart for locations.

Provisioning Writs

Safe Trading Market for ESO - Gold, Accounts, WeaponsIf you cannot access one area, then you can turn them into a different area.

Here's a Google spreadsheet created by Truthsnark/Starshadow which contains the locations for all the writs, and which ingredients are in each recipe.

Tip:  You don’t have to own the recipe to be able to do the writ, you can buy or be given the required food/drinks to hand in - just make sure they are green crafted items and not white looted items.

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