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If only I had tried the old trick to Reduce Fall Damage, before I took a leap of faith into that pool of water below the waterfall, I might not have just plunged to my death. No, I thought there's water there, it's probably enough to break my fall. Alas, I was wrong, it was enough to break my ankles, legs, hips, my back, and eventually cause so much trauma that I needed to resurrect at a way stone.

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Reduce Fall Damage trick

So there's a rather old trick to Reduce Fall Damage, that I decided to try the next time I decided to take a "Leap of Faith". For one, I didn't leap. And as it happened, I dropped, but not as hard, and I managed to land safely with only minor scrapes which I was able to heal fairly quickly. I am about to share this Reduce Fall Damage trick with you, so that you will not follow my stupidity and fall unto your death, with the last thing going through your mind, being your arse.

The Reduce Fall Damage trick is simple enough, all you need to do is...

Bottom of Cliff - Reduce Fall Damage trick

Is the Reduce Fall Damage trick useful in PVP when playing Elder Scrolls Online? I am not yet ready to take that challenge on, but I await eagerly your reply telling me if this is so.

*Note to self: Buy more Soulstones, when about to attempt some stupid shi7.

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