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ESO Siege Weapon DupingIt appears that ESO Siege Weapon Duping is now possible on the XBox version of Elder Scrolls Online. We have posted the exact steps, but I don't think it can be duplicated on the PS4 or PC versions of ESO as well (you're welcome to try however). How do you know that the Siege Weapon Duping effect has occurred? If you do this correctly, then you won't be able to pick the item back up and place it in your inventory. You will also not be missing the Siege Weapon from your inventory, which means that you did in fact cause Siege Weapon Duping.

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ESO Siege Weapon Duping

Please note that this will take a little practice to become efficient at ESO Siege Weapon Duping, but is not hard by ANY means. Remember, this is the method for XBox, and has NOT been tested on other platforms.

First of all have your selected siege weapon (Stone Cold, Oil, ect.) on your Up button on your D-pad. Then perform the following to do the ESO Siege Weapon Duping:

  1. Hold LT (Block).
  2. Simultaneously hit Up on the D-Pad + RT (Light/Heavy Attacks) to place the Siege weapon.
  3. Hold LT (Block) while placing the siege weapon until it is placed.

You will notice, when done correctly, that the siege weapon placed will not be able to be picked up back into your inventory. The "Y" button should also not be available.

If all is as described, you can now do the ESO Siege Weapon Duping repeatedly within PvP.

Cheapest Elder Scrolls Online Gold, Items, AccountsAnother indication that the ESO Siege Weapon Duping has worked, is the yellow circle animation that is presented on the ground when placing siege will "blink" repeatedly if you have done the ESO Siege Weapon Duping correctly. What this animation should look like, is when you normally place a siege weapon, the yellow circle animation appears & your character immediately starts to setup the siege weapon. However you want your yellow circle animation to not only display, but "blink" or disappear for a split second while you are simultaneously hitting Up on the D-Pad + RT (Light/Heavy Attacks). Once it has blinked, (You will not begin setting up the siege weapon) you are ready to place it so that the siege weapon will be duped.

Credit to zcobb for the find

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