Stealing Crafting Materials – ESO

Stealing Crafting Materials

Stealing Crafting Materials in Elder Scrolls Online, is fairly easy with the introduction of the new Justice System. Utilizing this new Justice System, allows us to steal items and then to use them to break them down with deconstruction, for the parts we need for crafting.

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Stealing Crafting Materials

It is now possible for players to grab any free standing weapons or armor that are normally on display in town, deconstruct them thus Stealing Crafting Materials. What people might not realize is that you can steal/pick up many of these items and deconstruct them in order to get ingots (that become laundered after decon) for crafting/selling. What you want to try and do is steal as many items as will fit in your pack but leave about 2-4 slots for the deconstructed items. 

Stealing Crafting MaterialsThe Stealing Crafting Materials trick with this is that the material of the item when picked up is dependent on what level you are. For instance, when you create a new character, any armor or weapons you steal will be made of iron/jute/maple until you reach a higher lvl (About lvl 14-15). Once you lvl past 14 you will notice that the tier of stolen material goes up, Iron weapons from the same area that you were stealing from before, now are made of Steel and so on. The only problem I have seen with this is the availability of wood items and light armors, as most armor/items on display are medium armor/heavy armor. I do see shields/bows/staves every so often but not as much as metal items.

What is neat about this Stealing Crafting Materials trick is that you can have a regular habit of stealing from areas that have weapons/armor on display (Fighters guilds/Weapon Shops/Blacksmiths) and deconstruct them as you level. You can then either use the mats to craft stuff for yourself, or sell the Zygor's award winning ESO Leveling Guideingots to other crafters looking to raise skill quickly.

Stealing Crafting Materials - ESO ~ MMOExploitersAs a side note for those people who like to zip through stuff, if you have several alts that are within the lvl/tier range of mats you are looking for you can park them inside guild houses to steal everything in sight and then log-off to another character who will wash/rinse/repeat.

I hope this gives you some ideas in the game as far as profit goes with this Stealing Crafting Materials trick, have fun!

Guide written by foojoo

4 Responses to Stealing Crafting Materials – ESO

  1. Foojoo says:

    Thank you for sourcing this. I found out that the amount of exp you get also depends on your current lvl and your level in crafting, so the higher lvl you are, the more exp you will get (Quicker getting to 50).

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have one question, which is about guild houses, and where to find them since I am a Console user.
    Is it different?

    I also have my own advice to share regarding stealing Blacksmithing items, treasure items, and map resetting (see

  3. Spitt says:

    As far as I know, the layout of the game is the same for console and computer users. Are you looking for something in specific?

  4. Andrew WItbeck says:

    I have leveled my Blacksmithing to a respectable 32. looking to do the same for my woodworker skill.
    then clothier.
    the above article said that Guild Houses are good to snag stuff at.
    That is all I was concerned with.
    I listed a great place for Blacksmithing items. Know any for Woodworker?

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