The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Beta Testing Account Key

I just received my weekend warrior pass to The Elder Scrolls Online, and realized I just down't have the time to play the game. So why not give away this beautiful unused key? How do you qualify? Like our Facebook Page, and let us know - here, on this post, why we should give the key to you. You do NOT need to be a subscriber of this site to get the key, just give me a reason I like.

Note: I have friends and co-workers who have given me good reasons, but I think you guys can give me a better reason.

teso-beta reserves all rights to this contest.

Also Still open is our give-away for a bundle of games for Games from Daedalic Entertainment.

6 Responses to The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Beta Testing Account Key

  1. Neville Sen says:

    would love to have eso beta, not sure if im the best guy for it though, however i have a fair amount of free time and have been in many alpha/beta test of mmo and i do believe i could provide constructive feedback to make the game better
    Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

  2. I need invite because I want to create interactive map of ESO based on this I currently working on map of Morrowind http://карта.свитки.рф/ and Skyrim I had textures of maps from ESO like this but don’t know where markers located.

  3. Spitt says:

    Beta Key awarded to Artem. Sent via email.

    Reason: This is a cheat site. I was hoping for one of 2 answers, primarily to make hacks or cheats and share them here. But since Artem is at least making something to help the community, I am hoping he will at least link back to us… and if you do find a cheat, let us know, so we can post it.

  4. Anon says:

    what a pitty that i’ve read this too late. need packets til chara creation screen to implement a kind of emu. the login process was pretty easy to reverse, now it’s getting dirty.

  5. Anon says:

    If it’s helping someone, here are the first packets to communictae with client(you’ll only have to implement some basic http server e.g. C#, modify the platforms.xml to your localhost):

    CL (POST)req: /login/auth/ Data:email=xxx&password=xxx


    CL (POST)req: /realm/active_realms

    0 globby0live191 112710600100
    005013852498700 014400012000Active Realm Listing

    CL (POST)req: /login/reservation/

    >1yourlocalgameserver.com8081 2000Login Reservation

    So, what will happen: you log in with some credentials, the server realm list appears, you can join on the live server, then a tcp packet is sent to “”. End. Don’t know the correct response. (replace 0 with o in xml z0s_platform)

  6. Anon says:

    oh sorry xml syntax in comment was erased… 🙁 try to look for an upload hoster

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