Veteran Imperial City Prison – ESO Guide

Veteran Imperial City Prison - ESO GuideIf you've been looking for a Veteran Imperial City Prison ESO Guide, today is your lucky day. We came across this guide with commentary from a Nightblade tank perspective. 

Since update 7 came out no one else bothered to make any guide for this dungeon, so I took the time to make this video hoping that it will help everyone who struggles completing the Veteran Imperial City Prison.

Veteran Imperial City Prison ESO guide

All six boss encounters are explained in this Veteran Imperial City Prison ESO guide.

Veteran Imperial City Prison Guide with commentary (Nightblade Tank PoV)

Boss 1: Overfiend 00:01
Boss 2: Ibomez The Flesh Sculptor 03:18
Boss 3: Gravelight Sentry 06:35
Boss 4: Flesh Abomination 10:00
Boss 5: The Imperial Council 13:05
Boss 6: Lord-Warden Dusk 15:41

Nightblade Tank Build used in the video

Keep in mind, a lot of the bosses have subtle DPS checks. DPS was nerfed across the board in this update. Having at least 100 Champion Points within the group, will allow you to complete this Imperial City Prison dungeon with Veteran. Without at least 100 Champion Points and the latest V16 gear, you probably won't be able to do some of the bosses.

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