Diablo 3: Mooege Emulator Source Code

While the project is no longer being worked on, there was an emulator which would allow you to login to the Diablo 3 client, create a character, and then login to said character to play the world. The project was pretty much abandoned when the game came out, but the source is still out there, for whomever wants to play with it or take it up to create a new D3 server from scratch.


  • This only works upto patch 10057. It will not work with newer versions, you will need to reinstall and only patch to that version if you want to use this software.
  • mooege (multi-node object oriented educational game emulator) is an open source reference game-server implementation developed with C#. It can be compiled with Microsoft .NET or Mono, which means you can run it on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • See README.md for more information


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