E-Sports Discussion – Performance Enhancers

Before I get into the subject of this E-Sports Discussion, I want to let you know that while comments are moderated, I welcome anyone to post their opinions (much like this is merely an opinion). I will remove links which are not on context as well as clean any vulgar language. Other then that, feel free to comment your opinions below...

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E-Sports Discussion - Performance Enhancers

As for the subject of this Professional E-Sports Discussion, it's something I realized - call it a shower thought or just ramblings... but with all the performance drugs, amino acids, steroids, HGH, and other substances which can enhance your strength, speed, and dexterity, it made me realize that unless you also do these things, there is no way to get into professional sports... but this doesn't necessarily hold true for e-Sports.

E-Sports Discussion - Performance EnhancersThe big news was of course Armstrong and the Tour de France. But Rhonda Rousey the women's MMA champ, was also caught using performance enhancers. Plenty of NFL players have used them. Even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was thought to be using HGH, to bulk up (unproven). Now admittedly, he's more of an actor, but he got his fame from "wrestling" - a semi-pro "sport". All of these people and likely many more used various substances of one sort or another to get a competitive edge.

These days, parents who want to give their child a real chance of getting a career into sports, need to have their child stand out from the crowd, and to be honest, this is also true of any child of the past. But these days, to be scouted, they need some type of performance enhancer to get the edge. And really the key here is scouted. Because if your child was truly the best, then we should be able to see a ladder or rankings of some sort, much like we do in e-sports.

e-Sports is different. Sure, someone can take a memory enhancing drug - but it isn't tested for. They can also take some sort of speed drug, which speeds up their mind. But this is where cheats come in - where a cheat might help someone get a better ranking (but will later be proved when the person no longer has access to said cheat in e-Sports). But which of these will help someone to get into e-Sports and hold their spot in the ladder ranking? Well honestly, we could get a hold of the drugs needed fairly easily, once you realize what they are, but it's not prolific like in physical sports.

It seems to me that if you want your child to become a professional athlete, it makes more sense to get them into and good at video games (and by that note computers/programming), rather then into sports which the child will need some type of performance enhancer and will likely cause body damage down the line. Even then the child when grown, will need to continue taking them and more, through college and into the professional sports - and still manage to get an education, while they are at it.

Think about it, not even the top 1% make it into professional sports, it's probably something along the lines of .001%. e-Sports is around the top .1% - but of course there is no college scholarships...


Here's where I want your thoughts in regards to Professional E-Sports Discussion - Performance Enhancers. Do  you agree with my supposition, or do you think a child can get into sports, and become a professional athlete, without the need for performance enhancers?


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