EVE Online: Configuring the Client for PvP

Rule number 1 for life in 0.0 and PvP combat is that lag kills. Your graphics settings might look cool, but if these settings cause your client to lag when 10 hostiles land on grid and a battle starts, you're dead. The last thing you want is a slide show when you're in a 50 pilot gang going against another 50 pilots. For this reason, before engaging in combat in EVE you must take time to set up your client properly. To reduce screen lag, 0.0 and other PvP pilots turn off several game effects.

With the Apocrypha update to EVE Online, CCP did away with the classic client. Now players can run only Premium and Premium Light clients. All the bells and whistles of premium client look great, but these additional features can drop your frame rate through the floor, especially when there is a large number of ships on grid. To reduce the chances of this happening, explore the options you get when hitting "Esc" key to bring up settings menu. Across the top you will see a row of tabs. In this article we will only be dealing with three of these tabs: Display & Graphics, Audio & Chat, and General Settings. Then we will move on to EVE Mail settings.

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