EVE Online: How to avoid Suicide Pod Ganking


Suicide ganking pods is becoming a popular way to kill. It started as far back as October 2012 with an enterprising player called ST0NER SMURF. He has been suicide ganking pods in high sec and has sought sponsorship. He impressed two members of the Goon economic cartel: trillionaires Aryth and Mynna. Aryth as it happens had 15000 fitted Thrashers lying around (who doesn't, am I right?) that he had no particular use for and donated some to the cause.

ST0NER SMURF started in October last year and since then has racked up an impressive 1436 kills, almost all of which are suicide ganks of pods in highsec. There are others including this guy with 817 kills, again mostly pods. They have an intel channel up, a killboard and a variety of sophisticated countermeasures to protect themselves against enraged victims.

It's growing in popularity: in Stoner's words - "there are alot new podders around, bad news for me as the hunt takes longer ;o"

So how do you avoid it? As far as gankings go this is probably one of the easiest to avoid - always use a noobship or shuttle if you're just traveling around, especially in Jita or near Niarja.

Kudos to ST0NER SMURF and his Suicide Ganking tactic!

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