EVE Pilot Bot Reset

EVE Pilot Bot Reset

If you use the Trial Version of EVE Pilot Bot then you will be limited to 50 runs at 2M each. This EVE Pilot Bot Reset will help you get around the limitation for a short time by extending the timers.

What is EVE Pilot Bot?

EVE Pilot Bot ResetEVE Pilot is a multiclient mining, planet interaction and station-to-station hauling bot for use with EVE Online that is capable of running multiple EVE clients, performing many tasks at once! 

  • Survey scanner support is a replacement of the empirical, asteroid size vs asteroid content estimation used in the old Simple Miner macro. The miner now knows exactly what the content of asteroids are and doesn't waste time at the end of a day when most of asteroids have less ore.
  • Recognition of ore mining bonuses for a 5-10% increase of your profit.
  • Multi functionality of the bot and the ability to edit the algorithms. Built-in algorithms that come with EVE Pilot enables; mining, station-to-station hauling, planetary interaction automation, bookmark creation for the miner and a combination of mining and planetary interaction. EVE Pilot's algorithm editor allows the user to create their own custom algorithms or edit algorithms created by other users including MacroLab's built-in algorithms. This new feature greatly improves the efficiency of the macro by allowing the user to have unlimited control over the way the mining bot behaves and acts.

You can purchase EVE Pilot Bot from Macro Laboratory

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VIP Members can get the EVE Pilot Bot Reset below

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