EVE Pilot Trial Extender

The EVE Pilot Trial Extender will extend the length of time you can use the EVE Pilot bot. This program will extend your limited trial from the 2 hour limitation and 50 total instances run. It will also remove the limitation of "Skillbooks Only". However besides extending the trials a bit further, it won't do much else.

EVE Pilot (EP) is a multifunctional and multiclient macro for users of the MMORPG EVE Online. It can be setup to run different tasks with up to 10 clients for anytime that the EVE Online server is available. EVE Pilot uses the EVE client window to send it's commands. It uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and non-linear logic to ensure high performance and provides stability against unexpected changes in the game environment. EVE Pilot by Macro Laboratory (ML) is under constant development and currently has four main and several minor functions: EVE MinerEVE TraderEVE Courier Mission BotLooter BotPlanet ManagerDelivererBelt Marker, and Belt Hunter.

More about each of these functions and the EVE Pilot bot, can be found here.

EVE Pilot Trial Extender

EVE Pilot Trial Extender Instructions

  1. Download and install EVE Pilot.
  2. Download EVE Pilot Trial Extender (see below).
  3. Copy new exe file into EVE Pilot directory
  4. Launch "test.exe" to run the bot.

Instructions to setup the bot, can be found here.

WARNING: Do not update EVE Pilot if the updater offers to, this will remove the extended functions and may cause harm to your account.

EVE Pilot Trial Extender Download

NON-VIP Member Download | Guide: Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Member Download (password)

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NOTICE: EVE Online is property of its respective owner, CCP, who are in no way affiliated with this site or its products. EVE Pilot is property of its respective owner, Macro Laboratory, who are in no way affiliated with this site or its products. You, and you alone are responsible for using any and all feature of these bots, macros, and trial extender which may or may not be affected by either company's terms. 

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