EverQuest Dupe Bug – Fixed

EverQuest Dupe BugUse this EverQuest Dupe Bug, at your own risk. If you get caught, you lose your account - so make sure to only try this on new accounts. I have been told that this is the correct method -and- that some other methods may also work.

EverQuest Dupe Bug

  1. Open a trade window with someone in Ragefire
  2. Put tons of plat in the trade window
  3. Use /split that amount of platinum
  4. Use /server
  5. Move to Lockjaw
  6. Gain original amount + split amount.

This method, as described below, is how we safely transfer millions of Platinum between customers, which prevents bans, flagging, and suspensions... (which may be how people are getting caught with the EverQuest dupe bug).I find it amusing, that the EverQuest Dupe Bug method, I give for free, but the method to not get caught is hidden... anyone else think it amusing?

As a reminder, I can sell EverQuest services on non-progression servers. Anyone who is interested should read this article, then contact me for prices.

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