EverQuest1: MacroQuest 2 (MQ2) for Project 1999

Someone has made MacroQuest 2, for the Project 1999 emulator project. I found this interesting and worth a share. It doesn't yet have all the great little hacks, however it might be something someone could easily work on...

Please note, I haven't confirmed this actually works (I don't play on the emu, nor use MQ2), however I didn't get any virus alerts, so thats a good sign lol.

MacroQuest2 is an open source (covered under GPL license) automation tool for EverQuest. I’ve been maintaining a fork of this software specifically aimed for the ProjectEQ server for a few years, and along the way I’ve become quite familiar with the inner-workings of the EverQuest client (from a reverse engineer’s stand-point)

This has given me the chance to ‘harden’ it from buffer overrun potential, and defeating all of the attack vectors the Project 1999 development team use for detecting such tools. Here is a partial list of advantages this software can provide you:

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  • MacroQuest2 gives you a detailed view of item information, giving you the ratio of a particular weapon in mainhand or offhand. Never again will you have to guess which weapon will perform better for it’s purpose. It will also list the approximated vendor value. This will let you sort your bags better, and destroy crap that will gain you less profit when you’re forced to run back to a merchant to sell.
  • MacroQuest2 gives you a /who list that uses spawn search parameters, so that you can see if an NPC is spawned or find players in a level range
  • MacroQuest2 also gives you the ability to face the direction of a target or spawn search parameter, using the /face command.
  • The /target command is range restricted to the same distance as the client to avoid any detection vectors and it takes additional syntax, similar to the /who command see: here and here for examples The map plug-in that comes with MacroQuest2 is enabled in all zones, and unlike the current MMOBugs compile, this build still allows targeting NPC with your mouse. The target radius is restricted with the same method that the /target command uses to avoid detection
  • MQ2Doors is included, its function is to move all of the doors in a zone to -10k z-axis locally (client-side only, no one else can see this!) This enables you to walk through places where you would normally need a key. The door simply won’t be there blocking you.
  • MQ2HoverInfo is included, its function is to give you quick target information. When your mouse hovers over a target, it will report the level and class of your target. Never again will you have to guess which NPC to pull first because you will know it’s exact level
  • MQ2Paranoid is also included, its function is to give you alerts on people that enter the zone. GM can remove themselves from the spawn list completely, so this tool isn’t very effective in that regard, but it can certainly help you to know if you have competition in zone
  • MQ2Hud will enable you to have more information on the screen, without worrying about windows cluttering up your UI.

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