Disturbing Evony Ad & other thoughts on Evony

So I was searching for places to advertise mmoexploiters... strangely, I came across a online poker site that advertised free to play, and win real money.  So, I decided to check it out.  Now the strange part comes in.  There are Evony ads on the site on a rotating banner, they are flash of course... but they have scantily clad women.  Now, I have played Evony, and no where, not even in chat do we ever see scantily attired women.  We don't even get avatars or even small icons, that could allude to sex... and let me set this forward... this ad was selling sex... but on Evony?  If you actually look at the ads, there isn't even a message about what the game is about.

On a side note, I wanted to share some enlightening information... Evony cost less then $10k to create.  I myself spent around $20 on it.  I figure, if I like a game, I can spend money, but I try not to exceed $20 a month...  I played for about a month so the amount I spent, wasn't bad.  I did get into the intrigue, learned some interesting lessons. I spied, infiltrated, had a bit of fun and laughs, and more... but the thing is, I thought $20 was a lot... I recently spoke with a guy I know, who admitted to spending over $200 on it... o.O   I suppose we each put value where we enjoy things in life.  I just wish I had more disposable income, that I could throw that kind of money around and not flinch.

Anyways, if you have the time, check out the poker site.  You might even see me online playing (be merciful).  And if you make money, give me 20%, k? 😀

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  1. Spitt says:

    Here’s the recap of the final hand of a 10-man table for Texas Holdem (Tournament).

    I started with 1500 chips. I played like a rock, while other players were going all in to get their chip counts up… or out. I only played when someone wasn’t betting aggressively. Finally and rather quickly, the table was down to 3 players. I only played hands that had a good chance of winning. The other person got knocked out, so it was just me and sassy1. Playing like a rock, I was losing, so I started to play more aggressively, changing the way I played. to get more chips. Instead of waiting till the river to bet, I was betting on the flop, every time I had a pair, not willing to chance the turn or river on sassy1 making a hand. Finally, I had surpassed sassy1 and was looking to possibly beat her. Suddenly, I was ahead and starting to scare her, some of her tactics were designed to mimic mine… but in the end, I got the upper hand. Here’s the final hand, for you to review…

    Hand 26900511(Table 344152)

    Seat 4: sassy1 ($4195.0 in chips)
    Seat 5: dragonspitt[Js,Td] ($7670.0 in chips)

    sassy1 raises $400.0, dragonspitt calls $300.0

    FLOP [6s,8d,Jc]
    dragonspitt checks, sassy1 raises $400.0, dragonspitt calls $400.0

    TURN [Ts]
    dragonspitt checks, sassy1 raises $400.0, dragonspitt raises $6970.0, sassy1 calls $2995.0

    RIVER [Ks]

    dragonspitt wins $12165.0

    I don’t know exactly what sassy1 had for a hand, all I saw was a queen… but the part that spooked me, was I never got to see what the last card was, and an ad popped up, so I had originally thought I had lost, she had gotten a straight. As it happened I was safe and won with 2 pair.

  2. TomRiddle says:


    sexy ads is the main reason evony got to be popular spit

    the majestic mountains and fertile plains in the ads were not of land but the curvaceous breasts and flat stomachs of the young models who begged YOU MY Lord to play this got 4 of my friends to try it and after 4-6 months only onw still plays it as it does have one feature lotro doesn’t have…

    after a certain point (I am told) the game plays itself, so the most hardcore of my friends had tobecome a caretaker for his mother 24/7 and evony let him still play something as lotro is the grindingest game there is if you want to be “uber” to stay on top with best geat and legendaries


    I first heard about texas hold em in a small book in the 70-80’s with stories of the first world series of poker and this strange game that wasn’t 5 card draw or 5-7 card stud it had names like stu unger and Amarillo slim and doyle brunson

    anyway in searching for a free arcade I found http://www.wnypoker.com/forums/ that at the time had GREAT games instead of the crap they now have and it has great poker info

  3. Spitt says:

    I used to work at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, as a dealer of Craps. Of all the poker players, who would come and play on their breaks, only one of them would tip the dealers if they won, “TJ”. The rest of them, were stiff bastards. To this day, while I “knew” a lot fo the players on the WSOP, TJ is still the one I root for.

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