Evony = Civilization MMO Online ?

A short while back, Evony hit the scenes, and it was an instant hit.  I found I could play the game, while at the same time I played another MMO.  Good stuff!  However it seemed so similar to an old game I occasionally play, called Civilization.  If you have actually played either or both of them, you will almost instantly see some resemblances.    However there's one similarity, you might not be aware of, if you just started playing Evony... it used to be called Civony.  I guess too many people realized it was based on Civ, and they changed it - or maybe it wasn't and too many people assumed it was based on Civ.  I can't really say in truth that it's like Civ, because there are other things inside Evony, that are more similar to other games.  It also reminds me of Warlords 2, but more so of a limited version of Civ.  Thinking on it a bit more, scary as it may seem, it almost seems a lot more like Heroes of Might and Magic 3.  In any case, you've read my guides, and now I have a special gift for you.

If anyone is interested in playing the original Civ - or rather Civ 2 (which is actually the 3rd incarnation after Civilization and Civnet), I have uploaded a copy here.  It does allow for multi-players over the internet or hotseat, but there is no way for you to pay to get special advances like in Evony.  There is a warcraft map included, for those of you who want to try a Warcraft/Civilization game.  However I suggest you master Civ, before trying the alternative version of the game.

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