Evony: Earn Free Cents Trick

Do you want to earn Free Cents In Evony? Learn how to get the edge on the competition in one of the worlds most popular browser games, Evony. You won't need to follow any out of game tasks, nor follow any malicious links. If you are new to Evony this process will give you the leg up on the competition, allowing you to buy in game items to enhance your kingdom by using your Free Cents (the in game Evony currency) to buy useful items to enhance your kingdom.

Normally each Evony cent will cost you 10 cents of real money. They do have the auto cents program to get them for a bit cheaper, but there is nothing better than getting your Evony Cents for free. If you are ready to learn how to start out a new account with a big pile of Free Cents on Evony then keep reading for the step by step process that's going to revolutionize your Evony experience!

For those of you familiar with Evony you will know that there exists many glitches within the game that allow you to do some pretty amazing things. Shockingly not many know about the glitch that makes Free Cents possible on Evony. Allow me to explain...

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  1. jdcochran1959 says:

    any noob figures this out…………thanks for the help lol

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