Call of Duty Black Ops: Domination/HQ Sniper Spot

Credit to linny for this find

The map isn't that clear, but there is a blue mark at the top of the map, its the ledge that you climb over to jump down where location "B" would be, or under the rocket. This is where a great sniper spot is, that can view both incoming ramps.

This trick works best in Domination or HQ (if the HQ is down under the rocket). Mainly in domination it actually tells you "we are losing B" instead of climbing over the ledge and jumping down onto that nice overlooking platform. You can actually jump instead of climb and land on top of the ledge shoot the person at "B" and then return to your nice high point. It actually provides a decent view, if positioned well you can see both tower doors along with most of "B" and both incoming ramps to "B".

This has been tested to work on all gaming platforms, including the XBOX, PC, & PS3.

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