Champions Online: Easy Dr. Destroyer

by unknown

We all know that when you finally get to fight Dr. Destroyer himself the whole thing is pretty buggy. The whole big robot being put together and the way Dr. Destroyer comes down from hiding behind his little glass panels up top.

See the left side of this pic

Your group can die a lot throughout the fight, but you can make it allot easier with this cheat.

Once  Dr.Destroyer has entered the phase were he has no legs and his two arms, then becomes attackable, he usually goes back up top behind the glass for some reason. At this point he still has about 3/4 of his health left. If you have group members that have the teleportation travel power they are able to teleport through the right side of the glass panel, that he hides behind. You are not supposed to be able to get back there, so when you are there, you can attack Dr. Destroyer and kill him without him attacking back. This makes the first phase easier.

When he dies, its time for the big mega destroyer robot to come alive. If you have a lot of ranged attack characters in your group, you just have to stay behind the glass and attack the robot from within. The robot will try to attack you, but it wont do you any damage. If you do this, the whole fight is an easy mission reward, exp, or whatever you may be there for.

To get out from behind the glass all you must do is press "H", for the help menu, then go to contact a gm, then the stuck option. It kills you and then you respawn both Dr. Destroyer and his Robot are dead.

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