EverQuest 2: Wicked Wand of Malice exploit

Equip wicked wand of Malice into charm slot and activate it so the buff is active.  Now the buff should be removed if the item is removed or you click the buff off.

Here is the trick to get around that.

Put wicked wand in second<bottom> charm slot
Take the charm item you want to replace the wicked wand with....and put the charm into a hot key...we will use the number 1 hot key.

Now zone..doesnt matter where just get to zoneing screen.  Now when get recieveing zone files or just befor finsh zoning spam the hot key you have the new charm assigned to.....the number 1 key!

When you finsh zoning your wicked wand of malice will be replaced by the other charm and you will still retain the damage proc.[.s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)]

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