GuildWars: Pet Leveling exploit

You will need Dunkoro and Tahlkora equipped with heals, resurrect, and vengeance (the spell).
You will also need to bring armor with superior runes (no vigor runes) this will let you have 1 hp with high DP (Death Penalty).

  1. Enable Dunkoro's and Tahlkora's healing spells and go get some DP.
  2. Once you have a high DP put on your special armor and aggro the animal with Charm Animal.
  3. Disable Vengeance.
  4. Let it kill you and the monks will resurrect you. You will die instantly after resurrecting and the animal will get xp from it!
  5. Go afk for 20 to 30 mins, when you come back, the pet will be level 20.
  6. Enable vengeance to get resurrected.
  7. Unequip the superior rune armor and charm the animal!

This works because resurrect gives you 25% of your health, and you with your DP and runes, will have 0.25 health which is impossible so you will die again and again.  Each time the animal gets more xp.

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