Origin Store half price exploit

For this to work, you will need a VPN with different country IPs. I recommend HideMyAss Pro VPN!, since it offers a ton of IPs. You will need to connect to both your Origin account, as well as the country, through your browser. The Origin Store half price exploit, will save you upto 1/2 off the cost of a game.

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Origin Store half price exploit

Looking at the Origin Store half price exploit via the website you can see in the screenshot provided that the price for Battlefield 4 is $499 and in Mexican currency being pesos converts to 13.204 USD approximately.

Simply use paypal to make your purchase. It will convert the pesos to your currency granting you a nifty deal. Of course, access to your origin account will be needed and you’ll probably need to log out and in on the Mexican VPN to grant you the deals on your account. I personally haven’t looked into any of the other deals but you may be able to find a few other games on there too. 

This Origin Store half price exploit This Origin Store half price exploit This Origin Store half price exploit

 This Origin Store half price exploit is confirmed to also work with FIFA14 as well as most of the games at the Origin Store. While not all prices works out to half price you should still save an average of at least 30% – 40% off the normal price. In the example above, we can save 27%, simply from changing the country via a VPN.

HideMyAss VPN

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