StarTrek Online: Burning up Video Cards

I recently heard of an interesting bug, where StarTrek Online users (hundreds of them) were having their video cards burned up on them.  Now, I assume that for something like this, that a class action lawsuit would be in order.  However just to give you some background info on them, it seems that if you DIDN'T manually set your max FPS, then you were burning up your Video Card.  Someone recently told me that he lost 2, $250 video cards thanks to STO.  Here's more info on it...

Copied from elsewhere...

"If you havent manually set your FPS with /maxfps command; then you are redlining your card without even knowing it. Apparently STO has a huge bug where it sets your GPU to try and attempt an infinite framerate which bottoms it out. Even if you arent running hot you are still doing damage since its redlined. To fix this serious problem log into the game and type /maxfps if it comes up 0.000000 then you have been running redline for days most likely. Just type /maxfps(space)# between 30-60 for fps. Then type just /maxfps to make sure it took.

The /showfps command may still show zero but thats bugged so dont pay attention to it. After you set your maxfps you should notice markably increased performance, less heat if you were running crazy hot like me, and the ability to set more stuff to max if you were unable to before.

LAST TIP VERY IMPORTANT. Dont forget that every time you log in you must set your fps again or it will go back to 0.00000."

So, whats the final verdict? Cryptic Studios, is claiming that it's a problem with your drivers.  You need to update or rollback your drivers - though shouldn't it be update? In any case, it's your problem not theirs... In other words, you might want to read more on this issue, BEFORE you install/play the game.

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