StarWars Galaxy: 35 Modifier Bit exploit

How to craft arms with 2 sockets:

To start with, make sure you are a Droid Engineer. Being level 90 is a plus, although a lower level DE should be able to achieve similar results at the cost of more material.

First, it should be noted, what is needed for each arm. At it's simplest, you will need copper, steel, inert gas, polymer, lubricating oil, and steel, in the form of Control Units, Micro Sensor Suites, and Electronic GP Modules. Note that the quality of these materials are of no importance, as I'll discuss later- indeed, I used smelted steel, copper, etc. whenever possible, and had no issues getting sockets on my cybernetic arms. The process of making an arm can be made time efficient by utilizing equipment factories; note that utilizing a factory is not necessary, and every cybernetic arm must be crafted by hand anyhow.

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