StarWars Galaxy: Home Decor exploit

There is a current bug with story teller deco items where if you drop them in your house and pick them up and then redrop them the timer is removed. Seems the galactic moon festival bugged them. They used to have a timer when dropped in your house but now there isnt. Not sure how long this will last, but probably best to drop as many as you can, pick up and squirrel them away in droids, on your ship etc.

Items include EK, Hoth and some deco items you can purchase from ST vendor like supply paletts with stuff pre-deco'd, tables, sith altars, jedi tables, scafolding, etc. Very sweet deco. Does not work with babbers, flags, large deco or npc. Hopefully they dont get fixed, so you take your chances at this.

Reminder, don't be selling this stuff because your name is attached to it. If you do sell this bugged stuff then make sure it is on alt or trial account.

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