Warhammer Online: Order RvR Trick – Interrupt spells every 5 seconds

Original Exploit! Volrath submitted this for VIP access, all credit to him for this post.

When combating in RvR, there is nothing more powerful as being able to interrupt your enemy's casting, or attacks, when a particularly vicious attack will surely be detrimental to you character's health.  To be able to do it every 5 seconds however, besides being an exploit, is also one of the more powerful effects in the game.  This is an Order only trick, it will not work for Destruction.  This exploit will allow you to "stun" your enemy every 5 second for 10 or more seconds.  It's not a global cooldown, so it won't affect any other spell or effect.  This will easily allow you to clean up the battlefield, one enemy at a time, especially when they can't get an attack in to hit you.

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