Battle Pirates: a Salute to Varlin!

This is a salute to Varlin, who decided to attack my base. He wiped 41% of my buildings, stole 40k in resources, and provided me with a protection bubble which might have lasted for a few days, if I hadn't decided to return the favor...

In the future, I hope that Varlin remembers that I hold grudges. You see, this was only my first sortie onto his base. I will be returning the protection bubble favor at least 2 more times. 

Tip: Careful who you attack. You might just open a can of worms and might not be able to get them all back in the can, without some negotiations and donations.

Tip: Some defenses are better then others. Learn which are more valuable and which buildings you should protect over others. - this will be a guide for a later day, so keep checking back, and please share this salute with others on facebook, myspace, and twitter.

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