Battle Pirates: Anti-Fleet Ships

Mind you, I am still new at this game. However I have learned when taking on level 7 mines and level 5 salvage ships, that its often easier to just rush the enemy leviathans. It’s because of this, that I have begun to realize what exactly would be the best ship, when fighting enemy fleets and of course the above mentioned Draconian fleets.

Currently, my biggest and best ship I can make is the Battlebarge. Utilizing a former guide on ship weapons, this guide is partially based on that. I don’t need thrusters, nor ship loaders. The only things I need are Ripper Cannons, engine upgrades, and Guidance Scramblers (anti-missiles defense). What this will do, is allow me to get in tight against the enemy, often where their weapons can’t reach, because really most of my enemies expect me to simply get into range and then sit there, and trade blows back and forth. Unfortunately for them, I have been microing (moving individual units around) since I learned I could take on fleets more powerful this way. At levels 1-4 of Draconian Salvage, it isn’t necessary to micro.

Now don’t get confused, this isn’t meant to be a base assault fleet. No, it’s more along the lines of a ship you leave at your base to do the most damage to an incoming fleet. It can also be used to take on base defenders or level 5 Draconian Salvage ships, possibly even level 7 and higher mine defenses. But as a reminder, it should not be used to take down a base. A base assault, requires all mortars, missile defense, and evasion.

Here’s a look at what the ship might look like – of course you would probably have better armors and higher upgrades then I do in this picture. Note the high armor. This is especially necessary to get close enough to the enemy to make the assault. The engine upgrades allow us to speed in, and the Guidance Scramblers help to also get you there, a bit less scathed.


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  1. nightfang says:

    base hitting isnt all mortars and rockets. my battle barges have lvl 3 ripper cannon autoloader and hardend barrel and they do good on getting the rim while you use mortars and rockets to get the inside of the base. but your build of battle barge is good, my predetor subs with lvl 4 torpedos, lvl 2 titinaum, and alcl 1 engine do good as long you stay out of missle range while surfaced.

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