Battle Pirates: Mission Log Book Secret

Tom Riddle is gonna kill me for posting this, I am sure. You see, he researches most of the games I post tips and tricks for. Anyways, on the advice of a friend, I decided to check out Facebook's Battle Pirates.

So far, it's a lot like Evony, in the base game style. It's got some added bonuses, and while I am not going to share those with you in this post, I am going to share a secret which will really amaze you. This trick is with the Mission Log Book. Before you go turning in those missions, read this secret!

One Response to Battle Pirates: Mission Log Book Secret

  1. TomRiddle says:

    no worries Spitt, what else do I have to do:) The game looks interesting from the videos looks like the most fun is waiting for someone to attack you while they think “no one is home” and blast’em

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