Battle Pirates: Rethinking Strategies, base design & defense

Last night, after talking with a friend, I decided to change a few of my strategies including base design, tactics, and general layout. I think for the most part, I found a winner.

First off, I now guard my base. I put up 4 fleets outside my base, all are armed to the teeth, so-to-speak. I do this, because if I don’t someone will just farm the base, without much thought about it. But when they attack, and their ships are severely damaged, or it takes 10+ minutes to get to me, and the entire attack, takes several hours, there is a good chance they will think again about attacking me.

Next I have re-thought my base design. I know the outpost takes forever to repair, but it’s because of the longer bubble of protection I get, that I put it on the outskirts of the base.

My base, now has a single entrance, so that ships need to go around my base, and into my “moat” and past my battery of weapons, to attack my warehouses. The weapons are inset a bit, to make it so they can’t attack from afar, having to come into weapon range to hit me.

I still have my walls dividing my warehouses, but only for splash damage, should my enemy actually get through. Rear walls aren’t necessary, since if they take out my weapons batteries, then walls wouldn’t help my warehouses that much more.

Oil rigs, still block the entrance. This is only meant to slow my attacker.

My mines, I have split up, so that if my enemy attacks them, he has to go around the entire base to wipe them all. This is so that I will have some resources (hopefully) afterwards, to start fixing my fleets. I don’t want all my metal mines in one spot to this end.

My outpost does have some walls around the edge. This is meant to forestall an attack on the outpost, take more time for the attacker.

I have also put in extra walls near the way facing an incoming ship, near my guns.

As you can see, I have been able to achieve a decent base design. This is based on all the land, walls, and turrets available to a level 3 outpost. There are a couple weak spots (not too weak), that I will reinforce, when I have more land.


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  1. Titan says:

    Why would u put your outpost on the outside ring. It holds 25% of your resources.

    Never put walls around buildings like you did around your WH’s. If a wall next to a building is hit the building will also receive damage.

    Why is your Dock near your turrets? Put your dock where your shipyard is. It takes 5 minutes to repair a shipyard but it takes way more to repair a dock… Put your dock somewhere it cant be hit easily…

    Put more RG’s near the entrance. If you want to slow them down moce them towards the entrance.
    This also goes for the labs and such. AND if you put them nearer to the entrance you will go into damage protection faster. As you know you will get damage protection AFTER 25% of your base is damaged. Most people hit with 2 fleets. 1st attack to (try) take out your turrets and stay below 25% damage so they can send in a 2nd fleet to finish it off… If that 1st fleet hits the stuff near to your entrance the damage meter will go to 25% faster… That means they can’t hit your turrets to much cuz they would go passed 25%. Thus you have more firepower left for the 2nd attack…

  2. Spitt says:

    I have actually made some changes since that post, but your information helps.

    I tested the outpost theory last night, had someone attack me, lol. Was a learning experience. Will make some more changes, thank you for your insight.

  3. Titan says:

    Ur welcome… I have been playing this game since the day it hit Facebook… I’ve got loads more tips 😉

  4. Spitt says:

    Well, use our contact form, if you want to share more of them.

  5. dazle says:

    Great review Titan!

  6. fraggs says:

    Leaving fleets outside just makes for repair time when you turn yr pc on next. If someone wants in, they’ll get in.

    I spent 2 hours getting past 7 fleets of levis with just one fleet of Mars. Going back to repair it each time it died.. You gotta love em, so quick to repair too lol
    I was farmed and had all evening to prove a point back at him!
    All he could do was use my res to repair his fleets!

    But I have a question for Titan… I can’t get my head around the 500% rule in base attacks. My husband says I have to take out every building, but I think I only have to take out the WH and the OP? Whats the 500% rule about? and what should I go for?

  7. Spitt says:

    500% appears to be the max amount of resources you can grab. So if your fleet can hold say 1.6 million, then the max you can grab would be 8 million res. WH and OP hold the majority of your resources, those should be the main targets, with WH being the priority. Go after the WH, then OP, then the rest if you want. The rest can hold some, but most of the res will be on the OP/WH. A week back, I lost 400k, and the enemy never hit my WH/OP except maybe with a missile. That wasn’t a lot of percentage, but the fact that he did get 400k when my norm for raiders has been 40k, surprised me a bit.

    You’re absolutely correct on those fleets, leaving them out and all. However it’s a strong deterrent, if you have a lot of resources on your base. If I have little to no res, I leave it unguarded, trusting in my base defenses to hold them off. I actually managed to get someone to stop idly attacking my base when he left all his fleets out. I spent about an hour wiping out each and every fleet he had on defense, knowing his repair time would be several hours or a bit of coin. I then let peeps in my zone know I had just wiped out his fleet, and he was ripe for farming. He hasn’t attacked me since.

    Really it comes down to what you are defending. If you have a lot of res, then put everything out there, stack them up, or hide the fleets. If you have little to nothing, leave it unguarded, and a couple million res, put out a merc fleet. Optionally, when you have a lot of res, you can try tricking the enemy into thinking your base has nothing in it, by leaving it unguarded. This is a risky move, unless you normally use the above tactic, and people know you only guard when you have a lot of res.

  8. Sarge says:

    Sooo…where exactly is that farm….I mean, base located? I could walk in there daily, take out the outpost and farm the crap out of you without ever taking a single point in damage. That’s crazy…..need to put more thought into that one.

  9. CEE72 says:

    I have been playing a few weeks and have 1,000,000 res of each kind of res but I am a bit unsteady of having a layer of feeble walls with W/H on the outside but have turrets scattered around the outside. I have my 4 fleets (1:4 Marauders, 1 Pred sub. 2: 5 skirmishers. 3: 5 Gunboats. 4: 3 Longships, 2 Skirmishers.) outside but if I am attacked will my 4 fleets go in to attack the invaders? I like the arrangement having agreed with the Proposed changes but what can I do with 62 terrain tiles to make a better design? How many tiles is that? Please get back to me.

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