Battle Pirates: The importance of scouting

In any game with a hidden map, it's somewhat fun to go exploring to see what new adventure might be awaiting you. In the case of Battle Pirates, it's a necessity to explore those regions.

Currently I only have 3 fleets. I know this isn't a lot, but I am just starting out, probably like you are right now. Using these 3 fleets in the right manner, is very important. I have 1 battle fleet, 1 explore fleet, and 1 cargo fleet. The explore fleet explores all the hidden map squares simply by following a spiral like pattern. The more I explore, the more I can see what resources become available and who is around me.

TIP: Use your old ships to make exploratory scouting fleets. These fleets are made up of your old ships that you haven't scrapped. They can be just one ship each, or they can be a whole flotilla of ships.

Now the battle fleet is simply meant to go in and fight the fights, then after load up on resources and return to base. These are my strongest battle hardened ships.

The cargo fleet is similar in nature to the battle fleet, but it's simply meant to go in and load up on any left over resources that the battle fleet left behind. It doesn't have a very strong Fleet Master ship nor support ships, but it can carry a good lot of resources.

So by exploring I am able to find more resources then if I didn't explore. It also tells me who is around me, and who is likely to attack me, as well as tells me when new resources open up.


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