Battle Pirates: Trojan Horse Fleet Trick

Lately, I have found myself mining some nodes, only to have my fleet attacked. As someone who wants to kill as many enemies as possible, I have found this little Trojan Horse trick, which will trick the enemy into thinking I am weaker then he is.

It all comes down to perception. I can cause my enemies to see me as being weaker then they are, by having a lesser tier Flag Ship. This means that the Marauder which starts as your first Flag Ship, should be removed, and then to have a lesser tier ship in it's place, but to still have the ship in the fleet. For example, I can take a Cruiser and stick it as my Flag Ship. 

Now what this does, following the standard protocol, is gives the illusion that my fleets are weaker then they truly are. This also has a secondary, but equally important function, which is to confuse my enemies. For example, if I have 3 fleets, a battle, cargo, and exploratory fleet, then I can also hide which each one's function is, by having the same crappy Flag Ship on all 3 fleets. 

Tip: Rename your fleets, so you can keep track of what their main function is, even if you don't use the Trojan Horse trick.

Once my enemy is defeated, possibly several times over, by my combat fleet, then he is more likely to steer clear of my scout and cargo fleets as well, as he won't know what is about to hit him, even if it's a bluff. Like when I guard my base with a fleet of scouts, lol.

2 Responses to Battle Pirates: Trojan Horse Fleet Trick

  1. radicor says:

    doesn’t seem like much of a trick

  2. --boxer_1--KD-- says:

    It’s really not that effective because if you click on the fleet you’ll see its level anyway and that gives you a pretty good idea what the fleet consists of. For example, If you use a Sea Wolf as a flagship for decoy, someone clicks on it and sees the fleet is only a level 11, you’ve probably got 4 predator subs behind it ;)! A full fleet of Sea Wolfs usually shows a rank between 18 & 22…+ or – a level or 2, depending, of course,on how they’re fitted.

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