Battle Pirates: Updated Beginners Tips and Tricks


Since Battle Pirates first began, there have been many many updates to the game. This has rapidly changed the way the game should now be played, and it changes the advice I originally wrote for Battle Pirates, when I played the game.

Today, we have a guest poster, Elaine W. from BPOutpost, has come to share some tips, tricks, and basic strategies you should follow, if you are new to the game. Advanced and returning players may also pick up something new here as well.

Build long boats and put as high havoc torps on them as you can and add armour so they are no more than 300 armour in total, you will easily open level 12 and lower salvage damage free (with practice) and better still you should be able to have a fleet by about level 8 or 9, these will also be handy to to defend yourself at low levels

Don't build / research / upgrade what you don't need, there will be time enough for that later, that means don't build launch pad, intel or tactical lab, the extra land tiles gained will be a huge help to you in keeping your base safe.

Upgrade these buildings as high as possible as soon as possible (and in this order);

  1. Warehouses
  2. Outpost
  3. Naval lab
  4. Weapons lab
  5. Advanced lab
  6. Dock as required to fit your fleets

*Remember to complete all of your instant upgrades immediately

If you have nothing upgrading and no res to spend, upgrade your res gatherers, next tip, never collect res from res gatherers, keep them full and keep them around your entrance, when you are attacked your attacker will take res from your getherers first, this will keep them from taking res from your warehouses, the reasoning behind this is simple, it avoids leveling up, res collected into your warehouse gains you exp and as much as possible you should avoid exp, this is what effects your base level and ultimately decides on how high level the players who can attack you are. Res collected into your warehouse from res gathers will provide exp at around 1 exp per 222 in resources while bringing res in on ships provides 1 third less exp at 1 exp per 333 in resource. Res gathers are cheap to upgrade and by placing them near your entrance they will fill most attacking fleets before they get in but it will also mean that they cant kill off as many of your defenses without bubbling you because they will have to kill res gatherers in order to get to your defenses.

Get a good base design and use it from the start, an internet search will help you out here.

Turrets will need to be upgraded as soon as possible but try and hold off on placing turrets until you have researched higher level weapons, it would be unusual that you got attacked before level 15 to 20 anyway (unless you go out looking for people to attack), if you go through and put level 1 weapons on everything, it will all be wasted when you have level 2 weapons in a couple of days time.

Stop slowing your game using Skype, get your own Mumble voice server.

Naval lab research

Research only the armour you need to research in order to upgrade your turrets as you want to upgrade your turrets. Some ships you have to research, some you don't, research the ones you have to in order to progress but besides preds, only research the ships you need to progress, in other words, hold off on wolves, arbs, stalkers and sea scorpians, you will do just fine without them for quite a while, they will only raise your level further. Levis, FF and HH on the other hand will provide very useful res gathers but they will also provide you with much better merc fleets once researched.

Advanced lab research

Again, only research what you need; Eng, high explosive shells and ablaitive could be useful at low levels, the later 2 more if you wanted to go base hitting early, as you get towards the back end of level 20 to 30 you may then consider HB, AL, SFB and laser (in that order).

Weapons research

Again, only what you need to progress, havocs Get them to 4 as soon as possible, thuds get them to 4 early (very handy for raids and missions even at low levels a 300 armour point marauder with eng 1 and 4 thud 4s will build in about 5 hours, a fleet of them will take down a level 20 OP) dip morts and PM morts would be handy if you are going to base hit but again only research what you need, if you don't want to base hit just yet hold off.


Research only as high as needed to fit your ships in but don't build ships you don't need.

Base hitting

I suggest doing this as soon as you have your base set up but it is not for everyone and it will slow you down but it will also help you in building your own base, by about level 18 or 20 you will be ready to go.

Don't bother with armour on your base fleets, (except to take them up to 300 armour per ship) repair times will be much faster if not instant meaning you can use the same fleet over and over, for battle barges and levis when you get them use ablaitive armour, most bases low level will have sents and howies, ablaitive helps to protect from sents, and your mortars will outrange a level 1 or 2 howie.

As soon as possible move to PM morts, they have a better range and will out-range the level 3 and 4 howies when you come up against those.

When hitting bases, be prepared to lose some fleets (never leave them in the open when base hitting) your first fleet used should target any base guard (your long boats or preds with torps will be very useful here as most people early on will have mortar fleets which are easily killed by the relatively long ranged torps).

Next, use a fleet to target their turrets, as much as possible only hit turrets, pull out and go back in as required to do so, until the final main hit, you need to avoid hitting anything else besides their defenses, if they are online and you know it, it can be useful to hit their dock to prevent them from launching a new guard but other than that turrets only picking off any lone turrets that are in your way first, just be sure to do less than 25% damage or it will all be for nothing when they bubble.

Save your biggest and best fleet until last, depending on their base and turret layout will depend on your attack, if its howies and sents (as most low levels will be) stop for howies killing them first, for sents you can keep moving a little more. If they have morts be sure to "stack your fleet" and do not stop while in their range and for cerbs early stages, they have low range but huge damage and they damage the whole fleet, don't rush them, snipe from a distance and move on.

Follow these tips and very few will get into your base until level 35 to 40 when the coiners start buying fleets, you will be strong for your level, skilled and ready to face level 40 (as ready as you can be any way)

One final tip, invite friends, even if they only open the game and decide not to play it will provide another officer to you, officers will speed things up by 10%, a huge difference, especially later on in the game when build times get longer, if you dont have friends to invite, make some.

For more Battle Pirates strategy advice, check out Battle Pirates Wiki, Forum, Base Design and Fleets Builds.

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