Battle Pirates: Why you should NEVER guard your base

I'm not talking about a good defense in your design of your base. No, what I mean when I say that you should never guard your base, is the option to set your ship up, outside your base defending it, against attackers. Here's why...

As it turns out, when you defend your base, you are also leaving your ships out to hang. This means that any level 25 who's bored, can come along and pick your fleets off, one by one. It's because when they attack your fleet, they aren't attacking your base. No, that comes after your fleets are down. But if they are strong enough to pick off your fleet even one at a time, then attacking your base will be no problem.

So do yourself a favor, and instead of finding yourself stuck with repair bills and a 30 min downtime for each fleet, just leave em inside your base.

Tip: With everything, there is an exception to the rule! Use your mercenary fleets to guard your base.

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