Collect Free MyVegas Chips Guide

Free Chip Tricks - MyVegasI have been using these Free MyVegas Chips method for a while now. They are tricks which have allowed me to collect hundreds of thousands of free MyVegas chips each day, without building a sweat, and without spending a single dollar. These Free MyVegas Chips are so awesome, that I have had my posts removed from several threads in the MyVegas community, because let's put it simply, MyVegas wants you to buy chips, not get them for free.

Free Chip Tricks for MyVegas

There are a few ways which everyone knows, and a few ways I have already posted, but there are more then these ways. But let me start out with some you already know.

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Save even more on your Vegas trip

I have a few extra trips, which will save you some money on your own Las Vegas trip. If you don't already have an eBates account, signup for one here. Now when you book a room through Orbitz, goto eBates first, and save money on your rooms or flights, even car rentals, get more cash back to use on your trip to Vegas.

If you don't have one, sign up and get your own Orbitz account. This will also give you rewards back called Orbucks. So first eBates, then Orbucks. This will net you a savings of around 8-10% on any flight, car rental, or hotel. HIGHLY recommended to rent a car while visiting Las Vegas - do it from Enterprise to enjoy unlimited miles.

Groupon! For some extra savings, by all means get some Groupons for your next trip to Las Vegas. Casa Don Juan and Origin India are a couple of my all time favorites and will save you money as well. But there is no reason you can't also plan your vacation around it. Couple it with eBates and save an additional 9% overtop of the upto 50% savings.

Here's my final tip to saving money in Las Vegas - get a free ride from Uber, on your first trip using their service. Click here to get your free ride.

We hope you enjoyed these Free Chip Tricks for MyVegas. Yesterday, I gathered an additional 250k chips, running through each of the Free Chip Tricks that I have compiled above a total of 4 times. 250k might seem small potatoes, but if I were to do this every day, without spending any chips, I could have over 3 million within a week and a half. For those who always run out of chips, and rely on collecting properties or their daily free spin, or maybe even buying them, then this Free MyVegas Chips guide will help immensely.

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