MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide


This is just a MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide.MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide You see this is one of the games that we like to play. When we aren't PVPing, leveling, or raiding in other games, we like to earn comps to Las Vegas for trips, and MyVegas Events are a great way to earn rewards. However, there is a trick and a bit of science to winning these rewards. Currently, the MyVegas Event is the 2 year anniversary birthday bash, but it's really hard to get the pieces if you don't know what you are doing. This is where this MyVegas Event Tip is going to help you.

MyVegas Event Tips

MyVegas Event Tip #1 Each day, play the first tier of the MyVegas Event, possibly the second, but forget the third tier for the day. If you're betting 600 per spin, then it's going to take you roughly 15 spins per piece on the first tier, 25 spins per piece on the second tier, and on average 60 spins for the third tier, per piece. In other words, they want to lure you into wasting your chips, so you can purchase more.

MyVegas Event Tip #2 Choose a game with more Wilds, less bonuses. The more bonuses you have, the more free spins you have, the less time you have to collect a piece. If you are in a limited time portion of the event, where it's almost over, you want to maximize the amount of spins you get.

MyVegas Event Tip #3 Some of the games with free spin bonuses, will let you know when the free spin is expected, some do not. Bet Rock for example will just surprise you, where as Monster Maniacs will only give you free spins when you build up 5 tokens for the free spins. When you have a fore knowledge of when the next spin is going to arrive, you can bet more on the preceding spins.

MyVegas Event Tip #4 Not all games scale up their bonus rewards by a significant amount. For example, if I double my bet, I should get double the possible rewards on a bonus game. However some games including my 2 favorites, Studio City and Sheerluck Hound, don't scale up accordingly. In this case, it's much better to play near the minimum (300-400) per spin.

MyVegas Event Tip #5 It's all about trying to get you to purchase more chips. However it's a good idea to set a 30 minute timer, so that you can go back to your MyVegas strip and collect the bonus chips from your various properties. This might only mean an advance of 1000 chips, but that can equal a few spins down the line.

MyVegas Event Tip #6 Don't get wrapped up in completing an event. Set limits to know where to quit. I dropped from 300k chips to 70k trying to earn 360k, and not even getting it 1/2 way completed. If you set loss goals, then you will be able to limit your losses, and get out before it's too late.


Final piece of advice for the MyVegas Events. These games are created to force you to purchase more chips, which in turn makes them money. While this isn't a bad thing, just keep in mind that they are not limited by any house advantage percentage, because it's a "free game". In real life, the most the house advantage can be on any slot machine is limited to 5.3%. In other words, based on something like 10k spins, you should get back 94.7% of your monies. Because this is a free game, they can make it much lower.

When you finally cash out, and visit Las Vegas or wherever you decide to visit, don't forget to tip your dealers. They make minimum wages, plus whatever tips you give them. When you tip, you show your appreciation, which in turn will help you to win more, as dealers are more likely to give you advice or a second chance if you make a bad decision.

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