Fallout 4 Facial Editor – Celebrity Edition

How much time have you spent with the Fallout 4 Facial Editor? Did you kind of just randomize it, or... did you try to have a little fun with it? I'ts truly astounding some of the time which people spent playing with the Fallout 4 Facial Editor, and what they were able to come up with. Here's a small gallery of some of the better celebrity caricatures which people were able to come up with.

Killer Fallout 4 Guide

Fallout 4 Facial Editor - Celebrity Edition

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We're always looking for more talent. If you are able to create images or videos which are game related and are looking for a place to host them, or get your work out there, drop us a line and we can discuss hosting and publishing some of your content. As always, if you like an image here, please feel free to pin it or share it.

Thanks to each of the authors of these caricatures for this Fallout 4 Facial Editor - Celebrity Edition

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