Fallout 4 PDF Guide Full Download – Free

Fallout 4 PDF Guide Full Download - FreeThe Fallout 4 PDF Guide is a PDF which gives you everything you need to play Fallout 4, with massive tips, builds, zone maps, guides, and walk-throughs.

This Fallout 4 PDF Guide is all encompassing and covers every part of the game. It boasts over 200 pages and costs around $20. Now you could simply pay 20 for the FO4 guide, or as a VIP member to this site, you can download it for free. A second option is to fill out a survey and download it for free, no cost to you. However, as a VIP member, not only do you get this guide, but all the game hacks, tricks, and more that we make available without the hassle of taking surveys or mission out when we don't have downloads and member-only content.

Fallout 4 PDF Guide

The Fallout 4 PDF Guide includes all of the following:

  • Explanation of character Progression
  • Leveling Tips
  • Combat Tips
  • Complete Perk Explanation (S.P.E.C.I.A.L.) and table
  • Recommended Builds
    • Melee Combat Build
    • Ranged Combat Build
    • Builder Build
    • Leveling Build
  • Complete companion overview for each of the 12 available
  • Enemies
  • Weapons (including craftable mods)
  • Quest Walk-Throughs
  • Building Settlement Guide
  • Maps of each of the 18 zones
  • ...and of course collectibles

Fallout 4 PDF Guide Full Download - FreeThere is something you should know about this Fallout 4 PDF Guide. You see most of their guides, are quite crappy. They usually go over the same information as your players' guide. But this one is different. Now I admit, I didn't read all of the 200+ pages, but I did look over the information as it is presented. It's all inclusive. It might not show you cheats like picking up the Cryolator within 4 minutes of starting the game, but everything you need to get through the game, including walk-throughs and zone maps, is there. It's a well written guide, which any PC, XBox or PC player would be proud to have.

There are no other guides available for this game, which includes so much, and none which are as cheap. You can purchase the guide here, or download it below.

Fallout 4 PDF Guide Full Download

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