Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location

To understand where to find the Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location, we first need to know the name of this secret boss. It's Swan. Swan is a somewhat powerful Fallout 4 Secret Boss , so you will probably want to know how to kill him too. We'll go over that in this guide too.

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Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location

WARNING! Spoilers Ahead. If you aren't sure where the Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location is, know that we have to bring you some spoilers to give you the location. You have been warned, proceed at your own peril...


At lower levels, especially if you're unprepared, this Super Mutant Behemoth will absolutely destroy you. At higher levels, he still does enough damage to put a massive dent in your health bar. 

Meet Swan, your Fallout 4 Secret Boss.

Fallout 4 Secret Boss: Swan

You might think "Swan's Pond" is an innocent place. An old pond with some broken swan boats lying around or maybe a place to go hunting for food. Alas, that's not the case. Swan's Pond is the location of Swan.

Swan's Pond is right next to the Boston Common. It's hard to miss, since you'll see the old swan boats lying around in ruin. Just don't do any swimming yet. Not only is the water irradiated, but a quick check in VATS will reveal that the strange shape in the middle of one of the ponds is none other than Swan.

Fallout 4 Secret Boss Location: Swan's Pond

Get close or take a shot only when you're ready for the fight to begin, because once you get close enough, the battle starts - ready or not! Why would you even consider taking on FO4's Secret Boss, Swan? Because if you're into melee fighting, Swan drops a powerful melee weapon called "the Furious Power Fist".

The Furious Power Fist, does 46 base damage, but it's armor piercing, and the DOT effect, goes up with each successful punch.

Fallout 4 Secret Boss: Furious Power Fist

Swan is quick and brutal. He hurls rocks, causes severe radiation damage, and rushes you with surprising speed which you won't expect.

On the next page, you'll learn how to kill Swan. Again, more spoilers, if you don't mind, then read on...

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