Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod

Fallout New Vegas Stress ModThe Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod, adds stress to the game. By stress, I mean that being awake, causes stress. Being in combat, increases stress. Being low on health causes stress. Radiation poisoning causes even more stress. You get the idea... So when you're stressed, and you reach a certain level, you will need to relieve some stress. We do this by sleeping, drinking alcohol, playing mini-games, etc. Sounds interesting, right?

Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod Features:

  • Stress piles up every second you spend breathing. (5 Stress/second)
  • Six tiers of stress, with 2500 Stress for every tier.
  • Stress increases even faster under certain conditions (being in combat, having low health, radiation poisoning or low weapon health)
  • Stress can be decreased by either sleeping, using alcohol/relaxing chems or playing a minigame (caravan, blackjack etc.)
  • If you can't keep your stress low, you will experience debilitating side effects (the vanilla hardcore diseases are nothing compared to this.)
  • The Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod works only in Hardcore mode.

Download Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod - Click Here.

Please note: Fallout New Vegas Stress Mod only works for the Windows version of Fallout New Vegas. If you are playing the game on any other platform, then this will not work for you.

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